About Us

About Us:

Hong Kong Building Surveyor (referred to as HKBS) is an independent third party consultant. Clients include major developers, management companies, consultants, landlords and law firms. We specialize in handling all kinds of renovation disputes, water seepage problems, structural damage, building acceptance, damage assessment, etc., with advanced equipment and professional background, to provide customers with quality solutions on different disputes. Excellent Reputation, Confidence Guarantee.

We also recognized and approved by Hong Kong Arbitration Society. Excellent professional status.

A team of senior and professional inspectors, including:
Authorized Person (AP), Qualified Person, Professional Building Inspector, Registered Professional Engineer (RPE), Registered Structural Engineer (RSE), provide professional inspection services to customers.


We also joined the Charter of Harmony HK. The aim of it is to enhance the cooperation among the business community and society in order to devote efforts to fulfil corporate social responsibility, develop social harmony and embrace social inclusion. We encourage to use the method of mediation first and arbitration next to resolve disputes, thus strengthening the relationship between the business community and the public and achieving social harmony.