Building Inspection

Building Acceptance Services

We also provide building inspection services. Whether it is newly completed first-hand buildings or second-hand buildings, we provide customers with comprehensive inspection services.

Charge details:

Calculation based on saleable area, welcome inquiry.

Services include:

  1. The scope of inspection includes whole-house inspection of ceilings, ceiling lines, walls, floors, foundation lines, doors, windows, windowsills, mirrors, cabinets, glass, toilets, bathtubs, wash basins, ware, towel racks, shower curtains, toilet paper holder, vanity top, inlet and outlet water, canal, fence, etc.
  2. Comprehensive inspection of doorbell, power supply system, lamp, air conditioner, heater, range hood, exhaust fan, refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, cooking stove, microwave oven, oven, gas water heater, TV system, telephone system, etc.
  3. Handwritten report (immediate delivery to guests)
  4. Explain the repair location and photo record of the whole house (if necessary)
  5. A building inspection list (if necessary)

Inspection methods include, but are not limited to (the company will choose according to the actual situation):

  • Professional visual inspection
  • Infrared scanning and humidity tester (use when necessary)
  • Hammer test (hollow brick test)
  • Professional water test

Note: Minimum consumption starts from 350 square feet (based on saleable area)

Time: completed within 2 hours (if the unit area is more than 1,000 feet, the inspection time will be extended)

Inspection Request

If there is a need for building inspection, please fill in the following form for us to arrange and we will reply you as soon as possible.