Frequently Asked Questions

Renovation disputes frequently asked questions

Q1. What can I do if a renovation dispute occurs?
A1. You can ask for building surveyor help to detect and provide expert reports to help recover liability from the other party.

Q2. Are there any restrictions on the subjects of renovation inspection service?
A2. No, it can be a householder or a renovation engineering company.

Q3. Is there any limitation on the scope of renovation inspection?
A3. No, as long as you feel that the renovation is not the same as the agreement after it completed, you can ask a building surveyor for help.

Q4. What are the items for the renovation work inspection by building surveyor?
A4. According to customer requirements, inspections can be carried out on various interior renovation engineering projects, including water supply, electricity, concrete works, wood works, paint and furniture.

Leak Detection Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the common causes of water seepage?

Common causes of water seepage:

  1.  There is a leak in the drain pipe upstairs, adjacent to or in the unit.
  2.  There is a leak in the water supply pipe upstairs, adjacent to or in the unit.
  3.  Damaged floor waterproofing or bathtub edge problem.
  4.  Sewage or rainwater seeps into the roof / exterior walls.

2. How to detect the cause of water seepage in residential units?

Leakage is mostly caused by leaking water pipes, sanitary equipment or drain pipes. The owner should directly hire a professional to determine the cause of water seepage and repair it quickly.

3. How to handle water seepage disputes?

It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain and manage his building, including solving water seepage problems. If it is suspected that the water seepage originated from the upstairs or the adjoining unit, it should be discussed with the relevant households as soon as possible, and the cause of the water seepage and the maintenance works should be investigated to solve the water seepage problem. You can also seek help from a building management company or a building owners’ corporation. If necessary, hire a professional or building surveyor. According to the provisions of the deed of mutual covenant, the person in charge is required to stop seepage and even to make a claim.

Other common questions:

Q1. What are the building acceptance services of the Hong Kong Building Surveyor?
A1. The building acceptance services of Hong Kong Building Surveyor include leakage, facilities and renovation inspection, and provide reports and photos after the inspection is completed.

Q2. Is it necessary to hire a professional testing company for building acceptance?
A2. In some cases, like non-visual inspection methods such as hollow walls and leaks, professional testing companies can rely on their testing experience and scientific instruments to help find such problems.

Q3. Does Hong Kong Building Surveyor provide professional consulting services?
A3. Yes. Whatsapp 6800 2103 is welcomed for any questions related to property inspections.