Easy Survey


“Easy Survey” is an independent inspection system established for decoration project disputes, and is committed to promoting the public’s renovation surveyor service that the general public can afford.

Renovation disputes occur from time to time. Before the disputes being brought to law, the test results and reports of “Easy Survey” can provide the two parties with technical responsibility reference, which can effectively assist the two parties to reach a consensus on reconciliation. In addition, “Easy Survey” expert reports can provide professional and unique assistance for court review, including small debt, arbitration or district court proceedings.

“Easy Survey” will provide clients with fair, independent, objective and professional surveyor inspections and expert reports. The professional analysis provided by the expert report can assist in important situations such as legal proceedings and engineering meetings to resolve disputes between the two parties.

The scope of the assessment can cover:

  • Engineering quality (whether it meets the general acceptance standards)
  • Project completion ratio (completion level of renovation items in the contract)
  • Contract payable
  • Artificial damage / natural loss
  • The amount of property damage and maintenance caused by the above reasons

Use the “Easy Survey” advantages:

  • Assist in mediation of disputes
  • Save time
  • “Easy Survey” has legal reference value
  • Inspector has rich experience in dealing with engineering problems
  • Clear fees
  • Confidentiality